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Burial at Sea:

Sea Services™ offers scattering ashes at sea, burials at sea and full body burials at sea from several state locations.

Natural Burial

An EcoEternity Forest is an alternative natural burial concept. Memorial trees are chosen as final resting places for the cremated ashes of individuals, families, or friends. EcoEternity Forests are preserved in a natural state. The trails in an EcoEternity Forest are designed to protect the natural beauty of the forest.

Scatterings by Air

Cambridge Scatterings offers release of cremated remains above scenic portions of California, Hawaii, Eastern US, Gulf Coast, Caribbean and other International locations. 

Ash Scattering Colorado provides airborne release in the Colorado region with different package options.

Fly Seattle Scenic offers aerial scattering of ashes throughout the Northwest, British Columbia and the San Juan Islands.

Organ Donor Programs

Lean about the ultimate lasting legacy and memorialization: give the gift of life. Visit


Condolence Messages

Condolence message samples for expressing words of sympathy to someone after the loss of a loved one. This site offers help to write your own condolence message in cards or letters of sympathy.

Seattle Florist

Visit Ballard Blossom to order beautiful flower arrangements for delivery to homes and businesses in the Seattle metropolitan area. Same-day delivery. Exceptional customer service. Order online today!

Grief Healing

Information, comfort and support for anyone coping with or anticipating the loss of a loved one. Includes useful articles on various aspects of loss, recommended book lists, inspirational writings and poetry, and categorized links to dozens of other helpful resources. Hosted by Marty Tousley, APRN, BC, FT, certified hospice bereavement counselor.

Grief Healing Discussion Groups

Grief Healing Discussion Forum is a safe, anonymous, online place where the bereaved can share their stories of loss and ask questions to learn more about the normal grieving process. Hosted by Marty Tousley, APRN, BC, FT, certified hospice bereavement counselor and moderated by certified hospice bereavement counselors.

Students Managing Grief

Mental Health Services for Students

The Data Behind Grief

Sympathy and Condolences Ecards

It's hard to forget the one you love. But a few words from the heart would at least mellow their sorrows and begin the process of healing. Send these thoughtful cards to your loved ones who may recently suffered bereavement.


Abbot & Hast

Death care web directory.

Funeral Consumers Alliance

A nonprofit consumer advocacy organization devoted to protecting consumers from funeral fraud through education.

MEMORIALIZATION AND LIFE STORIES is a place for those of us who have lost loved ones to cherish and celebrate their lives. Here, you can share memories, photos, videos and more, creating an everlasting tribute to those who have passed away, and access it from anywhere in the world.

Home Funerals & Life Celebrations

A Sacred Moment, founded by Char Barrett, a Certified Celebrant and Licensed Funeral Director, offers support for a highly personalized and meaningful life celebration and home funeral. Offers insight on burial, green burial, cremation and home funerals.

Funeral Ideas

Creative Funeral Ideas for traditional life celebration ceremonies.

White Dove Release

White dove releases can create a beautiful, healing moment in time, providing friends and family with a special way to express final goodbyes.

White Dove Release for Seattle area.

Bay Area Doves for Bay Area in California.


Heartfelt Memories

Paws and Remember