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Grow a living memorial in honor of a family member or friend, such as a flower or tree. Whichever option you choose, you can create a special place to visit to commemorate a loved one. The Living Urn is a patent pending biodegradable urn and planting system designed to grow a healthy memory tree, plant or flowers from the cremated remains of a loved one.  

All Living Urns come with the following components:  

1.     Biodegradable Urn - our all natural, handmade urn is made from recycled plant materials.  Its unique properties are ideal for healthy tree and plant growth.  The eco-friendly production process involves only wetting and drying with pressure - no gluing, no chemicals, no machinery - resulting in a very small carbon footprint.

2.     Ash Neutralizing Agent - this proprietary agent serves to offset elevated pH levels and dilute high sodium concentrations present in cremated remains so a beautiful and healthy memory tree can grow from the remains of a loved one.

3.     Premium Growth Mix - this special mix is combined with soil and provides key nutrients that will promote the growth of a vibrant, healthy tree from cremated remains

4.     Aged Wood Chips - place these around the base of the tree seedling to help the surrounding soil retain water and remain moist.  They'll save water and help create an environment where a tree can thrive.

5.     Natural Bamboo Container - this beautiful handmade shell serves as an eco-friendly shipping container.  Use it as an attractive urn cover for transporting and storing the urn while you wait for your seedling to arrive in the mail. Made entirely from bamboo, a sustainable resource, this lovely container can be re-used for all kinds of purposes after you plant your Living Urn

6.     Optional Premium Tree Seedlings- You may choose to supply your own plant, flower or tree by selecting "no seedling" and visiting your local nursery. Or choose the "Tree of Choice- Voucher" option and receive in the box voucher card with order instructions to website where you can find available seedlings based on your zipcode/zone, your order number is voucher code.

7.     Planting Instructions - our planting instructions were developed by leading arborists and soil scientists to help ensure a healthy tree or plant grows from The Living Urn!   

Shipping: The Living Urn Biodegradable Urn and Planting System is shipped separately from the tree seedling which is shipped directly from our nursery and will arrive to the customer in 5-10 days from time of order.

*If you receive your seedling in the mid-winter or summer months, we recommend that you store the ashes of your loved one and temporarily plant your seedling indoors until the spring or fall when growing conditions are more favorable. To store the ashes, we suggest that you place the ashes in The Living Urn and then place the urn in the bamboo cylinder container for safe keeping until you are ready to plant the entire system outdoors.

To temporarily plant your seedling indoors, place your seedling in a 1 gallon pot filled with potting mix (a minimum of 6-7 inches deep will be sufficient for a few months of growth). Pots should have a drainage hole in the bottom and a small layer of gravel or stones at the bottom. Use professional grade, soil-less, medium potting mix. Plant your seedling so the top of the root plug (roots combined with soil) is about a half inch below the soil line. Give the soil a thorough soaking after planting. Water whenever the soil is slightly dry to the touch on top. Avoid short, frequent watering. When the spring or fall arrives, transplant your seedling outdoors and into The Living Urn by following the instructions.

Size 13" x 8"
Capacity 200 cubic inches max

*1 cubic inch = 1 pound of live weight. What size urn do I need?

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