Sentimental Connections Cremation Cuff Links

Please allow 8-10 weeks to create this custom piece.

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Cufflinks are a popular jewelry choice for men and young boys. These cufflinks are unique in that the front portion of them is handcrafted from the ashes of your loved one. The way this works is with a process called encapsulation. You will be sent a collection kit for the cremation ash you would like used in your jewelry pieces. The ashes will be encased in a clear medium and adhered to the surface of the cufflink. This process will result in a stunningly smooth and crystal clear finish that allows total visibility of the ashes. Any unused ashes will be returned to you with your completed cufflinks in 8-10 weeks.

Size Oval front - 20mm x 14mm

*1 cubic inch = 1 pound of live weight. What size urn do I need?

How do I collect and submit fingerprints, handprints or footprints?

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