Cremation Jewelry (holds ashes)

Cremation Jewelry (holds ashes)

Cremation jewelry pieces look like ordinary pendants, rings and bracelets with one big difference. Each piece has a hollow space inside that is concealed by a tiny, precision screw. The screw can be removed and a small amount of the sacred ashes of your loved one can be placed inside.

At Memorial Gallery, we offer 200+ unique and copyrighted cremation jewelry styles. Each piece is made to exacting quality standards. From the sturdy lobster clasps of our chains right down to the exacting precision of our enclosure screws, you can trust Memorial Gallery to deliver a piece of memorial jewelry that is a beautiful tribute to a life well lived. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. Whether you purchase an ash necklace, ring, bracelet or key chain, you can rest assured that you are getting an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry at a competetive price. In short, piece of cremation jewelry we make is worthy of fulfilling its noble purpose: to carry the sacred ashes of your loved one and keep the memory close as you continue your life journey. 

Many of our glass art jewelry jewelry have ashes encapsulated or fused within the jewelry piece. These are generally unique, one of a kind, hand made works of art. 

glass cremation jewelry

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