Harmony and Tranquility Pottery Art Urn

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In September, at the 2003 St. Louis Art Fair, ranked the number one art show in America by ArtFair SourceBook, the artist won first place in ceramics.

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The artist's work in clay captures a reflective quality of tranquility and harmony--the essence of spiritual journey. He prefers to burnish rather than glaze his pots even though it is more time consuming. Using a hard polished stone to compress the clay's surface particles, he burnishes the pots on a wheel. First he moistens the bone-dry pot with water and burnishes it until the surface is smooth. Next, he applies a thin coating of olive oil and repeats the process. The wheel's rotation helps to eliminate the burnish marks, contributing to the pot's luminous surface quality. He uses handmade tools for carving - usually looped guitar strings that leave precise impressions in the clay. When he begins to carve his designs, he relies only on experience and his remarkable ability to create perfectly spaced, repeating patterns His production is limited, so each pot receives a lot of attention.
Size 15" tall x 7.5" diameter (sizes are approximate)
Capacity 250 cubic inches

*1 cubic inch = 1 pound of live weight. What size urn do I need?

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