Biodegradable Paper Casket For Baby

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These small caskets are handmade with care for use as a child's coffin. They are just large enough for infants & babies. Each burial casket is crafted from biodegradable materials such as mulberry tree bark and flower petals. The interior of each paper casket features a soft, fleece lining and a pillow. Please note the floral arrangement is not included with your purchase. This casket is 100% eco-friendly for a clean and green burial. Available in 5 sizes.
Size Sizes as follows: 12" - 12 x 6 x 4 | 19" - 19 x 9 x 8 | 22" - 22 x 11 x 8 | 28" - 28x 12x 10 | 32" - 32 x 14 x 11 |

*1 cubic inch = 1 pound of live weight. What size urn do I need?

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