Dichroic Glass Oval Memory Pendant

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Memory Pendants are artist-made glass stones with a small amount of your loved one's cremains fused and protected between layers of glass. There are two styles available, visible or non-visible pendants. Visible pendants will have a clear piece of dichroic over the cremains & non-visible pendants will have the cremains hidden behind a piece of opaque dichroic glass. Each stone is unique and colors or patterns may vary.

Upon placing your order we will send you a kit containing a vial and a complete set of instructions. Upon receipt of the kit, a small amount of cremains (approx. 1/4 teaspoon) is placed in the vial and the kit is returned to us. If you wish you may have a local funeral home or a friend load the cremains into the vial. The artist will then design, hand cut, assemble, fire and ship your finished piece of art.

Great care and respect is taken at all times when working with ashes. The artist requests, but does not require, a photo of your loved one so they have a sense of the person and the life being commemorated as they work on the piece. Any remaining cremains will be returned to you with your completed pendant.

Size 1" W x 1 3/8" H oval
Capacity a small portion of ashes

*1 cubic inch = 1 pound of live weight. What size urn do I need?

How do I collect and submit fingerprints, handprints or footprints?

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