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Custom Artisan Urn Creations

If You Can Dream It, We Can Make It Happen

We can create a custom urn from many of the urn designs you see on our site, or we can create something completely original and unique.


Thumbies Custom Cremation Urn

Fingerprint Embossed in Solid GoldCustomizing an Existing Cremation
Urn Design

Customizing an existing design is a relatively easy way to create a custom cremation urn. One way to accomplish this is by incorporating a personal item into the urn: a golf ball perhaps, a stone from a favorite stream, a wedding ring, a pocket watch, virtually any item of an appropriate size. One particularly elegant option is to have a solid-silver or solid-gold fingerprint of your loved one incorporated into the urn.


Photos above: An embossed fingerprint in solid gold (made from the fingerprint of your loved one) can be added to the urn of your choice to immortalize the touch of someone you love for future generations.



Custom Urn with Custom Cremation Jewelry

Custom Crematioin Urns Customer Sketch
Photos above and above left:
Working with the customer's sketch shown above, the artist created the finished work seen at left. The basic urn style, shape, color and elaborate finial was the artist's original design. The customer added the custom cremation jewelry pendant to create a one of a kind, personalized memorial.
The right half of the broken heart cremation jewelry pendant remains attached to the urn. The left half can be removed and worn as an urn pendant. The names of the two individuals are engraved across both pieces of the jewelry heart.The artist customized the original design to incorporate the custom-made pendant. The addition of custom-made pendants is a great way to create a customized piece. At Memorial Gallery, we can create a customized sterling silver pendant for as little as $599.


Artist Making Custom Cremation Urn

Ladybug Custom Cremation Urn

Photo right: An artist creates a custom urn based on sketches made by the artist based on customer input. Once the sketches are approved by the customer, the artist applies their skill, talents and artistic inspiration to create the one-of-a-kind piece.


Photo at left: Custom urn created by modification of an artist's existing design. In this case, the customer's mother loved ladybugs. Only art has the ability to capture the character and inspiration of a lifetime.

Custom Cremation Urn Prayer Wheels

Prayer wheels are personal memorials based on the prayer wheels used as part of the Buddhist religion for thousands of years. Each prayer wheel is mounted on a precision turn table. A custom prayer wheel can be created that tells the story of a lifetime, captures a special moment, depicts an important event or even includes a stylized image of your loved one. Give the urn a gentle spin and it remains in motion, spinning smoothly on a quality ball bearing mechanism, silently retelling the life story again and again for generations to come. Below is an example of one of the custom prayer wheels we have help shepherd through the creative process to completion.

custom urn prayer wheel   custom urn prayer wheel    custom cremation urn option   custom urn prayer wheel 2

Creating a Custom Cremation Artisan Urn from Scratch custom cremation urn bowling pin

Have something specific in mind? We can work with you to design the perfect urn, something that uniquely represents the lifetime it has been created to honor. An heirloom crystal champagne glass atop a titanium Grecian column maybe? A special piece of Waterford crystal atop a cocobolo wood jewelry chest? How about a genuine Harley Davidson gas tank or a porcelain bottle of Jack Daniels? It's entirely up to you. Just about anything is possible.


Working with your initial ideas, we evaluate our broad range of artists to find the best match between the vision of the customer and the artistic style of the artist. From there, the creative process is usually best facilitated by sketches which can be produced by the customer and/or by the artist. Below are some sketch examples for totally unique custom urns, showing the sketch and the actual work in progress or in its final completed state.


Photo far right:   Custom bowling pin cremation urn, a one-of-a-kind piece lathe turned from a solid piece of alabaster stone.


Photos below: Additional examples of artist sketches and the in-progress work created by the artist.


custom urn buffalo sketch custom urn buffalo custom cremation urn butterfly custom cremation urn panther sketch custom crematioin urn panther











custom beer stein urn with football helmet additional view custom beer stein urn additional view of beer stein urn with unicorn



custom wooden urn custom wooden urn front custom wooden urn side view


custom urn with lock additional view custom urn with lock


memorial service with custom urn


Custom Cremation Urns TV
Tv console custom urn plans shown above.
tv console custom urn
Tv console custom urn finished.

artist sketch for custom cinderalla urn
Princess Horse-drawn Carriage Custom Urn from artist sketch, to creation in the studio to the finished work.

the finished cinderella carriage urn with horses


Custom urn shown in kiln with glaze prior to being fired.


After firing and piece has cooled; the glass has fused and become clear glaze.


detail of custom bird urn
Detail of hand-painted lovebirds.

custom funeral urn love birds

Completed custom funeral urn with hand-painted lovebirds and fleur de lis top.


Cowboy Boots Custom Urn

custom urn panther
Panther with photo plaque custom urn.

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