Final Ride Motorcycle Cremation Urn

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Unlike a casket or a stationary cremation urn, our Mobile Cremation Urn will permit your beloved's ashes to follow you wherever you will go. These hand made and high quality mobile cremation urns can be mounted on a motorcycle, motorhome, car, truck, police cruiser, cruise ship and pretty much everything else. Both the urn cap and side tab are cut from solid steel. The cap, tab and cremation urn itself are all customizable to honor your loved one. The chrome plated urns are triple chrome plated. The chrome urns have a bolt on backing plate which allows for left, right vertical or horizontal mounting. Also offered are urns in black, red and service blue which are powder coated by hand. The powder coated urns have a fixed backing plate in left or right hand mount, stock available. All have a triple chrome plated cap. These are very strong and well made items.As all lives are different, so shall be each of our mobile cremation urns. You may choose to personalize this urn with an engraved plaque which will adhere to the side tab.
Size 8.5" H x 2.5" Diameter
Capacity 35 cubic inches

*1 cubic inch = 1 pound of live weight. What size urn do I need?

How do I collect and submit fingerprints, handprints or footprints?

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