Urns for Scattering Ashes

Scattering urns are a special type of cremation urns designed for spreading and disbursing ashes on land or over the surface of a body of water such as a sea, ocean, lake or river. Typically, these urns are lidded containers, either tubes or boxes, made of paper or some other biodegradable fiber material. The scattering urn holds the ashes secure for the trip to the location of the ceremony. When the memorial service reaches the moment of dispersal, the lid can easily be removed and the cremains can be scattered. The empty urn can be retained as a keepsake, left to biodegrade at the memorial site or burned as part of the ceremony.

*Note that if you are performing a burial at sea, you may wish to consider one of our biodegradable urns designed to sink with the ashes inside, then gently descend and quickly break down, gently releasing the ashes. 

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