Botanical Fruit Artisan Urn

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This cremation urn is first impressed with the leaves and berries of the blackberry plant. It is then raku-fired, a process in which the urn is pulled from the kiln still hot! The red-hot urn is placed upon a bed of dried plant materials that immediately catch fire. Sealed within a reduction chamber, this process uniquely creates the signature raku textures and colors. 

This urn comes in 4 sizes:
Keepsake- approx. 45 cubic inches or a partial amount of ashes. May be used by those who would like to share the ashes.

Standard- approx. 180 cubic inches or the ashes of a loved one that weighed 180 lbs or less at time of passing. 

Large- approx. 220 cubic inches or the ashes of a loved one that weighed 220 lbs or less at time of passing.

Double- approx. 375 cubic inches or the ashes of a loved one(s) that weighed 375 lbs or less at time of passing. This over-sized urn may be used as a companion urn to hold the ashes of a couple who wish to rest together.

Size 10-12" H x 6-9" W
Capacity 45 cubic inches | 180 cubic inches | 220 cubic inches | 375 cubic inches

*1 cubic inch = 1 pound of live weight. What size urn do I need?

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