Back to Nature Bios Urn: Turn into a Tree

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The Back to Nature Bios Urn offers an alternative to the traditional funeral burial, creating a living memorial tribute. Use the seed of your choice. The Back to Nature Bios Urn includes a Pine Tree seed, but we strongly recommend that you consider to purchase a tree seed or live tree seedling at your local nursery to insure the best growth success for your region. You may also consider planting a rose bush, grapevine, or other plant that has special significance to your family or loved ones. Thanks to its manufacturing process, the Back to Nature Bios Urn can be stored and used whenever the family is ready.  100% Biodegradable No expiration date Supports any seed Planting Instructions:  First, place the ashes in the lower part (this can be done for you by your local funeral home or doctor). Close the urn with the upper capsule. After planting the urn, mix the components in the top portion, adding soil from your planting area and mix with the provided peat. Add the tree seed to the soil or place your live plant on top of Bios Urn capsule. The Bios Urn should be placed about 2 inches below the surface or below the root ball of your live plant. 

Size 11" x 5"
Capacity 6 cubic inches

*1 cubic inch = 1 pound of live weight. What size urn do I need?

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