About Memorial Gallery, Inc.

CloudThe loss of a loved one is a time when family draws together to celebrate the life and to mourn the death.  There are many important decisions to be made, including the selection and purchase of a fitting cremation urn and other memorials. In a very real way, these purchases represent the beginning of the grieving and healing process.

It is our goal to do everything we can to help your family find the perfect memorials for your lost loved one. This is an important job, and one that we take very seriously. The urn must arrive on the date promised. It will be the focal point for the service. The quality must be exceptional. The condition must be flawless. The engraving must be correct. We sweat the details because we know that the last thing you and your family need at a time like this is more stress.

At Memorial Gallery we offer thousands of ways to help celebrate the life and honor the memory of a loved one. Some of these memorials, like cremation urns, have been around of centuries. Others are newer, cremation jewelry would be just one example. Here are some of our favorite examples of memorialization options you might not even know exist.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry pieces look like other pendants, rings and bracelets with one important difference--each piece has a hollow space inside designed to hold a small pinch of ashes, a lock of hair, some dried flowers from the service, a pinch of sand from a favorite beach, or any other special memento. The hollow space is sealed by a tiny precision screw. We can then add letter engraving, a laser engraved photograph, even a 3D impression of your loved ones actual fingerprint, handprint and footprint. Or a tiny amount of ashes is fused with glass to create a one of a kind memorial pendant made by glass artists.

Plantable Memorials

Plantable memorials are seed card shapes made from renewable or recycled resources that contain seeds. The shapes, which include angels, doves, crosses and other designs, can be passed out to those attending the service or mailed to loved ones unable to attend. When the seed card is planted in the soil at home or in a well-loved location it will bloom forget-me-nots flowers every spring as a living reminder of the lost loved one and of the timeless cycle of life.

Biodegradable Urns

For those who wish to minimize the impact to our natural environment, we offer biodegradable urns for ash scattering, burial at sea or burial on land. Our burial at sea or water-disbursement urns are designed to float for a few minutes and then gracefully descend to the bottom where they will quickly fall apart and scatter the ashes within. Our biodegradable urns designed for ground burial come in many different shapes, colors and materials. For those interested in scattering the ashes on land or sea, we offer a complete line of scattering tubes that make it easy to transport the ashes to the location of the ceremony, then open the top to scatter some or all of the ashes.

Artist Made Urns

We offer a wonderful selection of urns made one at a time by the hands of the artists themselves. What is more fitting than to celebrate a life well lived than with an inspirational work of art. Most of these artist-made urns do not look like urns at all. You can put them on your mantle on a shelf anywhere in your home and no-one will know it is an urn unless you tell them. Artist-made urns come in a variety of materials, including hand-blown glass, pottery, metal and wood.

Custom-made Urns

Want an urn shaped like an old console television? How about one shaped like a pair of Nike Jordan court shoes, or one shaped like a golf ball, or a pumpkin carriage? Believe it or not, we have made them all. When it comes to custom urns, let your imagination soar. Chances are, if you can dream it, we can make it happen. We have a large network of amazingly talented artists who are ready to work closely with you on your project. Typically the artist begins by speaking to the family about their objective. Next, the artist provides sketches or mock-ups. Once the sketches are approved work on the actual custom urn begins. Check out some of the custom urn projects we have facilitated.